5305-A Jefferson Pike, Frederick, MD  21703

Sunday school begins at 9:30 a.m.


What kinds of songs do you sing?

We sing a variety of songs. We sing traditional hymns, and many contemporary praise and worship songs that have Biblically sound lyrics with solid content. We sometimes sing brand new songs that were written that week.

The music is uplifting and reflects a variety of instruments and presentation from the simplicity and beauty of keyboard or piano alone to a praise band with electronic keyboard and guitars and drums to classical music and hymns by a string ensemble with trumpet and combinations thereof. Age span of members on the three worship teams also represents the diversity of the body from high school and college to adults with young and/or grown children with an almost even number of both men and women. We are grateful for the mentoring process which allows us to train and enjoy the gifts of the younger generation of worshippers, adding a vital and vibrant dimension to our worship at New Hope.

The words of one worship team leader reflect the desire New Hope has to both please God in worship and to invite the congregation to experience the Lord in worship:

“God has placed and nurtured in my heart a desire to glorify Him through song and a similar desire to lead his people in doing so. Other than my calling as a husband and father, there is no stronger tug on my heart than this . . . It brings me great joy to be a musician and to serve this way in the body of Christ. Producing excellent music that glorifies our Father is a passion for me and it is my desire he would continue to enable me to help lead all of you in the passionate worship of our God . . .”

If you are worshipping with us at New Hope and have musical gifts we would love to have you share them with us. Please visit the worship team page and let our worship team leaders know of your interest. Come and join us as we worship Him through song!

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