5305-A Jefferson Pike, Frederick, MD  21703

Sunday school begins at 9:30 a.m.


Description of New Hope

New Hope Church is a body of sinful, struggling believers without hope apart from Christ. But we believe God makes us, in Christ, whole, beautiful, and fully equipped for all the good works to which He calls us. By grace we make every effort to see one another in Christ and treasure one another because God treasures us. Absolutely lost, absolutely redeemed, absolutely committed to learning to walk with Christ, we are absolutely hopeful that He will complete His good work in us. In Christ we are a people with New Hope.

We are made up of married couples, singles, large families, and small families. Some of us are a few days old and some almost ninety. Most of us live in the Frederick, Maryland area, but our congregation contains a number of families from southern Pennsylvania, northern Virginia, and the panhandle of West Virginia.

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